Monday, 21 July 2014

Green Bridge, Vilnius

A remnant from the Soviet era can be found spanning the Neris river - the Green Bridge. Originally built in 1536, the bridge got its name from the color it was painted. The current bridge dates from 1952 and features four sets of large "social realist" sculptures.

The bridge.

The sculptures represent Soviet idealizations of perfect citizens of society. Here are students, Youth of Education.

Agriculture and Guarding Peace.
Industry and Construction.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Digging Our Digs In Vilnius

We had a nice apartment in Chennai and have lucked out again in our present post, Vilnius. Government housing isn't government cheese. Ready for a tour?

The living area, a combo of kitchen, dining and living. Cozy, especially come winter.

The first floor entrance area, stairs leading up and down and a small, built in bookcase. Bedroom.

Hello Rabbit, nice of you to make the journey!

Fancy bathroom with claw tub, we'll take it. A hideaway attic bedroom.

Our private grocery store, otherwise known as consumables. A lot of flour, sauces and chocolate. And Cheeze-Its. Some peanuts. Sugar. Beans. Coffee, maple syrup. We're ready for the apocalypse.

Back down the stairs to the basement, it's medieval grotto time. With a delicate, glass-cube shower. The iShower? And a mystery door on the left, wonder what's behind it?

Wonder no more. Grab a towel and head into the steam room. Ahhh.....