Friday, 12 February 2016

Meandering Mahane Yahuda Market, Jerusalem

Every old city has a main, old market and Jerusalem is no exception. Head over to the Mahane Yahuda to pick up your veggies, some pita, maybe that sesame delicacy, halvah. And people watch, always people watch.

The market, somewhat covered.

The bounty runneth over. Dried stuff, most accurate description.

Portrait of a market worker.

More dried stuff and sitting for a smoke break.

At a butcher, some petite examples for the customers.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Jerusalem Graffiti

Another town, another round of clever graffiti. "What's sprayin', Jerusalem?"

Holy graffiti in the Holyland.

It's all a party on the wall. Dancing on a book and a skull. The modern religious icon, a turntable.

Graffiti as official propaganda. Hip texting and a trip to Auschwitz.

Utility box augmentation. Sure, a Band-Aid to keep the door shut and a confession.

Some really old school graffiti, paper announcements in Hebrew.