Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sinning And Getting Saved At The Ice Hotel

In addition to spending a night at the Ice Hotel, you can grab a drink, cause a ruckus and then ask to be forgiven at the chapel. Or get married, a popular pastime at the hotel.

The Ice Hotel entrance and to the left, the bar.

It's a two hump affair, bar in one hump, performance space in the other hump.

Inside. The glasses? Pure ice, of course. No washing, disposable (gone by sometime in April).

The scene.

Need salvation, head to the chapel. Curvy columns, reindeer skins on the benches and non-denominational enough for anyone's preference.

"All hail the ice person!" There's a funky throne facing the river that supplies all the ice.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Unique Rooms At The Ice Hotel

There's something like 50+ rooms at the Ice Hotel, most of them similar in their cool, restrained beauty. The Ice Hotel owners do raise the bar on their property by hiring artists to design unique "Art Suites" -- rooms with fantastical elements and inspired visuals. You don't have to stay at the hotel to view all the suites. Buy a ticket, wander the rooms and live the icy fantasy.

Sarah, re-creating the Three Bears children's story.

Artists get credit, a label outside their suite. Well titled!

One of the best (coolest?) rooms, walking inside a bell pepper, infested by a worm.

Pappa bear, wondering who's been in a bed. The border room.

Only a matter of time before snow owls/ghosts would show up.

Living among the leaves, including the bed. Sleeping among the fantastical ice creations.

Pappa bear, again wondering who's been in the bed, this time in the machine-themed room.

A last look at the luminous hotel.