Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The East Side Gallery Berlin Wall, Part Two

Continuing down the Wall and smashing straight through it in the ubiquitous Communist car, the Trabant.

Getting a little surreal, mantis-like man making the leap across. So that's where the ear from Blue Velvet went. Bloody hell.

Modern commentary.

A more modern commentary. What now lies within the old border of the Wall in East Berlin? A big, fat Mercedes Benz arena and office building. "Score, Capitalism!"

Back to the Wall, words to forever heed.

Monday, 30 November 2015

The East Side Gallery Berlin Wall, Part One

The largest section of the Berlin Wall doubles as an art gallery. Way back in 1990, right after the collapse of a divided Germany, artists were invited to paint murals on the East German side of the wall, the side free from graffiti. Time flies, a restoration has taken place and still the wall evolves with added scribbles.

Looking down the Wall.

A look at a little history, Gorbachev driving. Nice repurposed steering wheel.  Turks, the largest minority in Germany, are represented.

The most famous mural on the wall is of Leonid Brezhnev locked in a deep kiss with Erich Honecker. The artist is Dmitri Vrubel. Bliss!

The Berlin Wall as fantasy. Did you know there was a Japanese sector? Parting the Wall like the Red Sea.

Inevitable. Pink Floyd's The Wall on The Wall.

Classic designs that have made it onto plenty of Wall-related souvenirs.

Fighting panda, using symbols for each side of the formerly divided Berlin, a TV tower and bear.